George Philip Rigney Pulman

George Philip Rigney Pulman
George Philip Rigney Pulman. He founded Pulman’s Weekly News and a Prominent Freemason

He was born at Axminster, Devon, on 21 February 1819, the son of Philip Pulman (1791–1871), who married Anne Rigney (1818–1885). Pulman was in early life organist at Axminster parish church and wrote for local newspapers.

In 1848, he acquired a printing and bookselling business at Crewkerne. For some years he was editor of the Yeovil Times, and on 10 March 1857 he set up a paper called Pulman’s Weekly News and Advertiser, the first in Crewkerne. For more than twenty years it was both owned and edited by him.

He disposed of his newspaper and business in June 1878, and retired to The Hermitage at Uplyme, between Axminster and Lyme Regis. He died there on 3 February 1880 and was buried at Axminster cemetery on 7 February.

He was initiated into Freemasonry on 8 Sep 1846, into Lodge of Virtue and Honor 725 based in Axminister and his profession was listed as a Solicitor. Lodge of Virtue and Honour is now numbered (494)

On the 13 Apr 1859 he joined Lodge of Brotherly Love 412 Based in Yeovil. Profession Listed as Printer. Lodge of Brotherly Love now numbered (329) still exists.

In 1860 he joined Parrett and Axe Lodge based in Crewkerne, Somerset and his profession is listed as Publisher. – Parrett and Axe Lodge (814) still exists.

He appears to have joined The Rural Lodge 802 based in Chardstock Dorset around 1850 – sadly this lodge was erased in 1855 and no longer exists.

He also joined The Montagu Lodge 665 based in Lyme Regis on 18 Jan 1879. He was listed as a Gentleman.